2012, Self-Motivated, 20˝ × 20˝, Game Design, Color Theory

Yon, closed as a pouch


As part of my study of color, I created a 2-player game that teaches the art of perceiving color. The game is developed around the four color attributes: temperature, value, saturation, and contrast. Pull the leather strap, and the game board turns into a portable pouch that you can take to a cafe.

Yon, opened as a game board

Game Sequence

  1. 1. The players compare the number of colors they are wearing. The one with more colors goes first.
  2. 2. The first player (Player A) selects one of the 16 pieces and gives it to Player B.
  3. 3. Player B places the piece on any open circle on the board.
  4. 4. B must then choose one of the remaining 15 pieces and give it to Player A.
  5. 5. Player A places the piece on an empty circle, and so on…

Winning Moves

Winning Moves

You win when you make a line of four pieces with at least one common attribute!

Piece Specification

Close-up of pieces by temperature Close-up of pieces by value Close-up of pieces by contrast Close-up of pieces by saturation

The sense of warmness or coolness we get from a color.
The difference in values present in a composition.
The lightness or darkness of a hue.
The purity or intensity of a color.

2014, Penguin Classics, Book Cover Design, Experimental Typography

Book cover design of Hansel and Gretel

Penguin Classics Book Covers

Penguin Classics is exploring the use of typographic covers for their children’s books. Adorning each cover is a unique typographic solution, through which the stories are communicated. To appeal to the children’s tactile sansations, all titles are made with handmade typography.

Book cover of Hansel and Gretel Book cover of Three Little Bigs Book cover of Rapunzel Book cover of Cinderella

Hansel and Gretel being shot outside Light painting at night in the backyard

Wood pieces that become the Three Little Bigs signage Layers of calligraphy papers with R for rapunzel

I make the project fun for me because I work better when I enjoy the process.

Three Little Pigs sign being shot against a brick wall

Hand holding a light bulb that is used for light painting

Alphabet molds and food coloring for the Hansel and Gretel book cover

The letter R for rapunzel is being shot against white background

2013, Eileen Cotter Howell, Website Design & Development

Website o n a laptop

Eileen’s Portfolio Site

Eileen Cotter Howell is a visual artist based in Salem, Oregon. The key consideration for her portfolio site was to represent her works and herself. To communicate her sensibility, the design recedes to the back to simply suggest the structure while the spot of red ensures clear navigation.

Website on a smart phone

Website on devices

2014, The Science Channel, Infographics, Information Architecture

View of the top of the Inforgraphics circulated in Facebook feed

How It’s Made

The Science Channel is eager to direct more of their audience to their online video site sci2.tv. To engage with their web audience, an infographic poster that summarizes an episode is going to be circulated through social media. The grid-based isometric illustrations delineate a clear flow of steps, while the top part can stand alone and the first header hooks the viewer.

Entire infographics

View on a tablet View on a tablet View on a tablet View on a tablet

2013, East-West Hammered Metal Object, Website Design & Development, Localization

East-West: Hammered Metal Object Exhibition at a gallery

East-West: Hammered Metal Object

East-West: The Hammered Metal Object was a kick-starter funded exhibition that traveled the Pacific Northwest in 2013. It showcased different techniques of metal raising with 11 American artists and 11 Japanese artists. To honor every artist’s style, the design of the website is kept to a minimum. Localization support was also added to create the Japanese version.

design of the EW site

Website on a smart phone

Kickstarter Video Integration
The promotional video created for a cloud funding site, Kickstarter, serves to direct the interested people to its donation site.
Event Slider
The slider automatically moves up to show the current information.r coolness we get from a color.
The flag icons switch between the English and Japanese sites.

Lightbox view of a metal work