Hi, I'm Kaori Price
I’m a UX/web designer living in Portland, Oregon.

I am also a graphic designer.

I like to walk around and find beauty in nature and life. At home, I enjoy reading and seeing my plants grow.

Nice to meet you!


I work on projects with multiple aspects

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UX Design

As a longtime bookworm, I am skilled at sympathizing and analyzing. To understand the real nature thrills me.

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Web Design

My design approach is structural and emotional. I prefer simple designs where the structure guides and graphic elements enhance the journey.

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Graphic Design

I am most inspired by the laws that manifest in flora and fauna. I borrow that knowledge to elicit certain emotions.

Work Overview


I think better when I write, so I write what I think.

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Experience is a Part of Design, Too

In my previous post, I talked about the connection between architects and web designers. Well, I’m no architect but my take on what architects possess that’s so advantageous for Web Design is the way they give consideration to user experience.
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The Connection Between Architecture and Website

Back when I was still living in my hometown in Japan, I once visited a digital art school to see my friend. As I was waiting, I heard a group of teachers talking about something interesting regarding the suitability of a person becoming a web designer.
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